For a few years, I have had a pain in my right wrist.  I knew it wasn't broken and it was probably due to my overwork and picking up heavy objects.  After taking one of Loretta's workshops on essential oils and stress, I was interested in the healing properties of the oils but, I didn't really believe in it.  But, I decided to try THE TENDON BLEND on my wrist pain and it was like a miracle.  I was almost immediately pain free.  That was about a year ago.  I continued to use the TENDON BLEND whenever it hurts and just purchased a two year supply.  The oils in this blend give me immediate relief and feels like it melts the pain away.  I highly recommend it!

-Veronica  04/2020



Having found Stress Away spray really helpful in keeping myself calm, we decided to try it with the newest member of our family - a fearful and anxious dog who we adopted from our local shelter. We used Stress Away on her bedding and blankets. When the vet recommended medication to help her storm anxiety, we opted to use Stress Away on her blanket, along with other natural alternatives. We feel it has really helped and when she goes to boarding or day care, her bottle of Stress Away goes too! We've since donated a couple of bottles to the shelter where I volunteer and they are trying it as part of their efforts to minimize the stress experienced by dogs in their care.

Sarah Black 08/2018

Cell: 832-801-6647

Email: sbbhouston@gmail.com

Blog: www.browneyedgalabroad.com





Seeking a balance of health and a peaceful mind set while dealing with 30+ years of arthritis, a busy home life and creative endeavors in the studio, has always been a priority.   I am incredibly grateful and blessed to have found ElleBee Apothecary.  Loretta's extensive training and experience with crafting pure organic botanicals has transformed my inner and physical health.  With her devotion to helping others and wonderful understanding of the essential oils, she has improved my life as well as my son's with custom blends for the past two years.  

Life is grand!

-Kari Lee   2/1/2018

Kari Lee Leather


“Excellent massage, considerate, friendly, good customer service skills and competative prices. This lady knows what she's doing!”

-Rose S. 3/21/16


                I feel so blessed to have found Loretta.  When I first came to her, I was a mess.  I had been suffering from constant nagging neck pain for a couple of years and had recently discovered nerve damage affecting some of my neck muscles.  I had seen physicians, had an MRI, and had undergone cervical spinal decompression to try and relieve pressure on a couple of bulging discs that the doctors felt were likely the cause of my pain.  I was having regular chiropractic adjustments and had even already tried massages.  Loretta listened to my story and together we devised a plan to tackle my aggravated neck.  I could tell a huge difference after my first massage!  My muscles were the real cause of my pain, not the discs.  Now I can get comfortable on my pillow and sleep at night, I can turn my neck fully without pain, and I can sit at my computer without being in misery.  I am so thankful for Loretta’s gifted hands!


Anjanette Lee, MS, CCC/SLP, NTMTC
Speech/Language Pathologist
Infant Development Specialist
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit


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Houston, Tx  77074
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It is always so therapeutic, relaxing an rejuvenating to have a massage with Loretta.  I was in dire need of her magic healing touch!

- Wendy D. 11/16/15


I have had chronic back pain for most of my adult life … even after having surgery in 2002.  Over the years I have seen a lot of massage therapists, and while these visits have provided some relief, it was always for only a few days.  Loretta came highly recommended to me and although I have only seen her a few times, it is amazing what she has done to improve my quality of life.  She is a true specialist in her profession as I have never has any massage therapist really understand and clearly explain to me what was happening with my back.  Her ability to pinpoint the cause of my back pain and apply a variety of treatments to address the issues is nothing short of remarkable.  I now know why she is so highly recommended …  she is oustanding!

-Wes H. 11/13/15




“I began seeing Loretta about 2 years ago for chronic neck and shoulder pain. I have had a variety of massage therapists over the last 30 years. Before the end of this first session with Loretta, I knew that her massage methods were right for me. Now I really look forward to my monthly maintenance sessions. Loretta asks questions prior to each session and then uses her vast knowledge of anatomy, healing aromatic oils and a combination of massage methods to relieve the problem areas. I always leave feeling great - relaxed in body and mind.  

A few months ago after an extremely stressful week I told Loretta that I just needed a little Zen.  Loretta knew just what to do. First she changed the music. Then she put together a combination of relaxing oils and proceeded with a massage that completely melted away the physical  and mental stress. 

Three months ago Loretta suggested cupping therapy for muscle spasms in my back. The spasms were completely gone by the end of the session and have not returned.  And last month I asked for cupping therapy on a very stiff and painful shoulder. The stiffness and pain were completely gone by the next day.  

Loretta is an exceptional massage therapist and I highly recommend her!”

 -Melissa 10/15/15

This is for the massage therapist, LORETTA SANDRESKY LMT.

She is absolutely phenomenal. She is very in tune with what your body's needs and how to resolve it. She has great intuition and firm touch. I am never disappointed when am lucky enough to be massaged by her.

-Whitney M.  2/24/14


I suffer from chronic back pain. I used to take medication for my pain.
However, I've found that with regular massages with Loretta my pain is more
manageable and I feel more relaxed. I highly recommend Loretta as a massage
therapist. She's on par with all the fancy massage therapists I used to see
in Beverly Hills but her prices are reasonable.

-Rene C. 9/14/14



I made an appointment with Loretta Sandresky several months ago.  I had been experiencing continuous pain in my shoulder and neck following an invasive surgery earlier in the year.  After giving the healing process nine months I decided to find a Massage Therapist to see if they could help me.  In my search it was important that the therapist have some medical knowledge to be able to understand and find the source of my pain.  Loretta came highly recommended from the office she conducts her business in.  After three visits my pain was gone in my shoulder and neck.  I wish I had not waited so long to try Massage Therapy.  I continue to see Loretta on a regular basis to keep my muscles from tightening up and causing pain while I continue my healing process.  Loretta is very knowledgeable in anatomy and with the questions she asks she can get right to the source of the problem.  She has a lovely personality and makes you feel very comfortable while you are receiving treatment.  I highly recommend her!

-Pam M. 12/30/13